[CLOSED] PHOTOIMPULSE Panel for 11th Iberian Conference on African Studies – CIEA11 – 6 to 8 Jul. 2022

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PHOTO IMPULSE coordinates the 21st panel of the 11th Iberian Conference on African Studies CIEA to take place in Lisbon in 2022 from July 6 to 8, at the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon.

PANEL 21 – Photographic Transits: The role played by photography and film in the representation of Africa

Authors: Teresa Mendes Flores

Institutions: FCSH

Author email: teresaflores@fcsh.unl.pt



This panel explores the different uses and meanings of photography and film in the representation of Africa. We are especially focusing on the relations of these visual media to the context of the scientific expeditions (Geographical, Hydrographic, Anthropologic, etc.) since the 19th century to the Portuguese Democratic Revolution (1974), although other uses and discussions are welcome. Photography and film enable a kind of travel, a special way of moving around by means of a powerful “virtual gaze” (Freedberg, 1992), connecting in this way with the topic of this year’s conference. How did these images participate in the many African transits? How were African territories and peoples mediated by photography? How did these metaphorical travels transform or corraborate an “orientalist” and “exotic” gaze? In contrast – or not –  how did Africans use these media themselves? How did photographers and filmmakers move around the continent and what social relations were established by means of photographic and filmic acts? Who were these image makers? Who took control of the image? How did photographic images impact the liberation movements?