Date: Saturday 11 december, 14h-20h
Location: Recreios Desportivos da Trafaria – Casino – R. Guedes Coelho nº7 Trafaria, Almada
Maximum 12 participants

From an archive of colonial times in Angola and Mozambique, KPerrom is preparing an anti-racist magazine in which the evidence of the crime is found. From this material, we want to include other people in a workshop, to build another magazine together. Do you have a critical or technical view that you want to share? We provide support for travel and food. For registration, send a few words that explain why you want to participate (maximum 30 words) or, if you are more comfortable with video or graphic expression, send a response by video (maximum 3 minutes) or a drawing/illustration.

Contact: , tlf: 964 86 86 85

NKAKA “K4PP4” BUNGA SESSA (Angola, 1994) is a musician (composer, bass player, rapper). One of the drivers of the 2825|2GTO project that works is the emancipation of the image and voice of Trafaria’s community. He is a student of Accounting at ISCAL, Lisbon. His connection with printmaking began with his independent exploration of textile silkscreen.

CANTO DO CURIÓ is a cultural association that carries out socio-cultural intervention from the neighborhoods of Trafaria, Almada in the fields of emancipation and social participation in the sciences, arts, and politics. In 2021 it works with three main projects: 1) The “2T/2825”, which attempts an integrated and community-based response to different needs and risks (health, environment, culture) with financial support from the National Program “Bairros Saudáveis” and from the Municipal council of Caparica and Trafaria; 2) The independent project “2GTO 2825” of community rap/hip hop and silkscreen; The citizen science project “Novos Decisores” (“New Stakeholders”) which studies maritime flooding during storms, with financial support by the Fondation de France and the City Hall of Almada.

This initiative is the result of a proposal developed by Canto do Curió and the research project Photo Impulse (ICNOVA) in partnership with Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, within the scope of the European project T-Factor, aimed at unlocking the transformative potential of temporary use in urban regeneration and involve the local populations in its creative dynamics, as well as emblematic places representing the history of Trafaria in a direct relationship with the community.

Partner: University of Lisbon/Museum of Natural History and Science (IICT, Instituto de Investigação Tropical archive)

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